People don’t have an ounce of shame these days


Do you read advice columns?  I do.   My favorite has to be Ask Prudence on Slate.   She’s a riot.  Yesterday’s Ask Prudie column featured a lovely lady (sarcasm alert!) that wrote the following:

Married Boyfriend Makes Guilt Payments to Wife: I’ve been involved with a married man (don’t judge) who decided to move out and get a divorce. It came unexpectedly to his wife. He said that after nine years of marriage, he owes it to his wife to continue significant financial support until she completes her two-year course (which she hasn’t even started) and finds a job. As a result, nearly most of his income continue to go to his wife and children as though they were still living together. I understand his sympathy toward her but this is taking a toll on our lives, as well. I feel like the breadwinner in this relationship as I now support myself and my boyfriend with my income alone. He gets touchy and defensive when I ask him to agree on a more realistic amount and time frame for alimony with his wife. Is this a sign that our relationship won’t work out in the long term?

Really?  Really?  Girl, bye!

First of all, this bitch is disrespectful.  To herself and this man’s wife.  As soon as she found out that fool was married she should have told him to kick rocks, yet she stayed.  Mistake number #1.

Then, she has the unmitigated gall to act like his wife and children should drop off the face of the earth just so he can contribute more to their household.  Mistake number #2.

Now Prudie offered her a “you made your bed, now lie in it” response which much more kinder than she actually deserved.

I would have sent her this YouTube video of Peggy Scott-Adam’s blues classic Help Yourself.  In the song, a resigned wife of a cheating bastard pointedly tells the mistress that she knows all about her, but surprise, “he (the husband) doesn’t have a dime to give you or no one else.  So if you want that broke man, help yourself!


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  1. annesquared
    Jul 31, 2013 @ 18:04:50



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