Please stop coming for Oprah. She didn’t send for you.

Urban Dictionary defines “Pressed” as

“Obsessed or attuned to a particular thing, idea, or person to an unseemly degree. Always used in the pejorative.

Seems to have originated in the Mid-Atlantic region (probably Southeast D.C.).”

Now that you understand the lingo, let’s get to it.  A few actresses are pressed with a capital P about Oprah.

A few weeks ago,  Rae Dawn Chong dragged her ass out of 1985 to call Oprah “a field nigger.”  Yes, she went there and then had the gall to make it seem like it was a compliment.

And today we have Stacey Dash complaining about Oprah’s take on Trayvon Martin’s death.  Oprah was not the only celebrity or newsperson to speak out on this event.

To quote Heathers, why are y’all pulling Oprah’s dick?  The vitriol directed at Oprah from these women goes way beyond the differences in politics or personality.

Did she personally piss all over your hopes and dreams?  Run over your dog and shoot your pa?  Make y’all join Team Bad Decisions?  I know that I shouldn’t try to rationalize irrational shit but, I need receipts for the animosity!

I hate to see grown women tearing each other down in public to just to get some shine.  It sets a terrible example to young women that you must constantly be cutthroat with other women.  At least I can find solace in the fact that The Great and Powerful Oprah clearly isn’t worried about them and will most likely continue to ignore them until they start to doubt their own existence.


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