What the hell, Virginia?: 2013 Gubernatorial Race

My fellow Virginians, real talk, where in the blue hell do the Democrats and the Republicans find their candidates?

In the Blue (D) corner, we have Terry McAuliffe.  This is his second attempt to claim Virginia’s top job. He has an endorsement from Senator Mark Warner; who was Virginia’s last decent governor. He’s never held office but he was the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He’s a Clintonite and that’s problematic for me.  Currently, he is leading in the polls, but he should have a victory and a concession speech written.

In the Red (R) corner, we have Ken “the Cooch” Cuccinelli.  He’s our current Attorney General. For all of his small government talk, he’s ultra-conservative on social issues and not afraid to push legislature that supports his worldview.  Plus, his running mate has to be certifiable. All of that takes away from a man whom appears to least have the potential to be a half-way decent administrator.

Virginia governor’s race: Where they stand on the issues.

So are the big “two” choices if you will.  Neither of them are doing it for me.

Economically, they both seem the same to me.  To even have a chance in Virginia, you’d had damn well better be business-friendly.  The Virginia business lobbies are not a game.  Also both seem long on ideas and short on details.  For a state race, I need to see PowerPoint presentations and concrete data when you have that much money backing you.

They’ve both have horrible, negative ads. I’m so sick of politicians telling me what their opponents can’t do instead of telling me what they can do.   They just had a debate and Cuccinelli was arrogant and McAuliffe was smarmy.

Socially, Terry is your standard liberal.  He’s very equal rights for minorities, women, and LGBT communities.  Ken is ultra-conservative and some of his ideals seem rooted in a quaint 1940s motif rather than the 2000s reality.

Ethically, to quote the great Clay Davis “I’ll take any motherfucker’s money if he givin’ it away.”  Both are slimier than snail shit.

Seriously?  This is the best that the two largest political parties has to offer the Virginia citizenry.  We’re the birthplace of Presidents, dammit.  Why can’t y’all find some decent damn people to run for office? I wouldn’t trust most of the candidates that they find to run a pie shop, let alone the whole damn state.  McAuliffe just got buck with a lobby group because they didn’t endorse him.  I have a terrible feeling that if he could get away with it, Cuccinelli would have a state funded Stasi checking to make sure that straight couples had missionary only sex.

I’m so tired of voting for the lesser of two evils.  I want to see viable candidates out there.  Right now, when I vote, I think to myself “whose fuck-ups will do the least amount of damage while in office?”  What kind of political life is that?

And once again, the Powers that Be ignore or exclude Third Party Candidates.  Last year, Larry King on MHz Networks did a Third Party Presidential Debate.   While writing this rant, I saw that there is a Libertarian Candidate named Robert Sarvis running and he’s getting no shine except from dedicated followers and Independents. I’ll check him out and see what he’s talking about.


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