Fools and Charlatans: The Federal Government Shutdown, Part 2

The fact that I’m even writing a part 2 about this fuckery is enough to make me scream.   So we’re heading into week 3 of the shutdown because of childish overpaid and extremely underworked bitchmade fools in Congress.   Who needs a functioning nation?  Not them!

Here’s a secret to anyone out of side of the DC Metro Area.  Congress hasn’t created a budget in years.  They do little patchwork malarkey called “continuing resolutions.”   A continuing resolution is a short time budget that allows the federal government to operate for as little as a few days.  That is some bullshit.   A budget is supposed to span the entire fiscal year and yet every time they find some way to mess it up.  Can you imagine going to work and tell your supervisor “I’m only going to give 5% of the project that’s due.  You’ll get more when I feel like it”?  That’s what Congress tells American citizens every time they show up, show out, and do not a damn thing.

And now to top it off with people sitting at home worrying and government services shutting down, we now have the debt ceiling debacle.  And since no one in Congress will do the logical thing of cutting spending and raising taxes (seriously, it’s the most obvious thing, but these bamas are ridiculous), we’ll be hitting that ceiling on what the government can borrow on October 17.

The worst player in all of this firestorm is the media.  “The Republicans are winning. The Democrats are winning. Someone has to cave.”  How can anyone be winning when people are anxious and suffering?  The media is supposed to be riding the politicians’ asses, not kissing them. Furthermore, there is no such thing as caving in this situation.  It’s called being a grown-up and learning compromise is a way of life.

I guess that I’ll just get through more of the book that I’m reading as I watch all of this play out.   It’s about a fringe political group that worms it way into the highest form of government in the land via backroom deals and criminal acts while rallying people that they’re going to take back the country.   It’s called The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer.


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