Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello All,

Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope that you’re enjoying a nice day with your loved ones.  We’ll all be gathering at my aunt’s house this year.  I’m making Nathan’s Lemon Cake!  One doesn’t think of lemons as a traditional Thanksgiving food, but I always have lemons in my house and this cake is the bee’s knees.  It’s in the oven now and my house smells so good right now.

For all of my fellow introverts out there, please take it easy today!  It’s okay to feel drained and to need a breather after being with family for awhile.  That doesn’t mean that you don’t love them and aren’t thankful for them.  I plan on riding home in complete silence after I leave the festivities.



Farewell, my lovely: An ode to the Ikea Klippan

We had a good run.  I bought the little Ikea Klippan loveseat  when I got my first apartment in 2005.   A lot of relatives asked me why did I buy it.   I told them that it was, in my opinion, pointless to buy super nice furniture for an apartment.   With the exception of my bed, I vowed that I would only buy super fancy furniture when I had a home.   So now that I have a home, I’m slowly but surely decorating.   I had a brand new loveseat and sofa delivered this morning.   Before the delivery men arrived, I vacuumed and took a picture of my little red sofa.   She’ll be going to be to Goodwill soon.   Adieu.

After the gym today, I’ll believe that I’ll go to Ikea and Pier 1 and start looking at living room accents and dinette sets.


Pika’s World: November 12

Hello Readers and a new reader that tried to sneak past me!  I see you!

So this new lotion that I bought from the Lush store has orange, lime, and cognac oils in it.  I’m moisturized and faintly smell like a mixed drink.  I’m here for it.

Yesterday, I accidentally left my cell phone at home while running errands.  It felt very weird to be out without my phone.  I need to think about why that bothered me so.

It’s difficult to turn off being the eldest child, but I have to do it.  At some point, helping is actually hindering.

I feel like I’m behind on a lot of things.  I’m going to go back to making to-do lists.

I’m already tired of office holiday parties and the damned things haven’t really started yet.

People need to say “thus” again.  We need to bring that back.

So I found a gym

One of the worst things about relocating is that you have to find all new places like a new grocery store, a new dry cleaners, etc.

Since I moved a good 20 miles away from previous location, I lost decent commuting access to the dance studio that I used to attend.  I’ve noticed that since I stopped going to class, I feel really sluggish and tired all of the time.  So my sister told me to see if her gym had a franchise in my city because she really likes them.  Lo and behold, there is a Planet Fitness here.

Now I’ve received postcard flyers from Planet Fitness in the past, but I always trashed them because I thought the $20/mo advertised plan was a trick.  Gyms in this area usually $50 to $100/mo.  Nope.  That’s the real deal.  I got confirmation from my sister.  I read their online fine print several times.  So I took a tour and I signed up.  I like that what I read online is exactly what I was told in person.  No bait and switch tactics.

I worked out for the first time today and it was nice.  The gym is clean, but basic.  Plenty of cardio machines, various weight training machines, and few free weights or structured classes.  I think that is what keeps the costs down.  Plus, when I go home to visit my family, I can use the gym there as well. The biggest bonus of all: they have massage chairs and a hydromassage machine!   I sat in one of those massage chairs for a good 10 minutes today after my workout.

Y’all know my tushie is going to be in those massage chairs every chance I get, right?

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