“If it doesn’t go on my obituary, then I don’t care.”

Today, a friend and I rode home with a nice, older lady that was offering so much wisdom.  The older lady was asking us about work and life and we couldn’t help but notice her cheerful attitude.

She told us that at some point she just decided to not let little things bother her.  She said “if it doesn’t go on my obituary, then I don’t care.  If it doesn’t affect this paycheck going into that bank account, then I don’t care.”

Wow.  Considering I work in such a Yuppie-tized area where everything is where you work and what you do, it was refreshing to hear another person say that work is not their life.  Life is spouses, children, parents, friends, music, love, great food, etc.  No one is going to remember that I was a systems analyst and ran such and such program, but they will remember what kind of person that I was.

The next time that I found myself getting irritated with some petty nonsense, I’m going to repeat her wisdom to myself.  Because God knows, some people have annoyed the hell out of me these past two weeks.



A life without Go-Go Juice

I love Pepsi. I love it! It is my go-go juice!

However, as much as I love it, it has 28 g of carbohydrates per 8 oz serving.  That’s a spicy meatball.   I don’t need all of that sugar in my system when I’m trying to lose weight and clear up my eczema.  Plus, when I looked at my daily diet, soda was the calorie bomb.

So slowly, I’ve stopped drinking so much of it.  The first thing that I noticed was how tired that I was.  The caffeine monkey is real.  I was literally falling asleep at my desk, but I was good and kept off the juice.  It took a week for my body to adjust.

Now, I’m beginning to drink coffee and some soda now and then.  Soda is now a treat rather than a daily drink.

This is the best thing about starting New Year’s Resolutions early.  It takes the pressure off and it seems more genuine.  I feel like I’m more likely to stick with my plans.

I’m off to the gym.







It’s been 10 years

Last night, I couldn’t sleep and then today, everyone said that they felt something was “off” with me.

Today is the 10 year anniversary of my grandma’s death.  Every anniversary is different.  Some years, I acknowledge it and feel wistful, but this year I was downright depressed.  I just keep telling myself that I was lucky to have the time that I did with her.


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