Dog whistling politics in America

I’m at home sick today.   It started with sharp pains in my head and then nausea.  I passed out when I got home and my head felt like a brick this morning.  I’ve been in and out sleep since 10pm yesterday. Boo!

I was messing around on the internet and I found this article entitled “The racism at the heart of the Reagan presidency.”  The article speaks about the dog-whistle racism employed by Reagan to get himself elected and then subsequently gut the economic protections/freedoms of those that carried him to office.

Article points:

  • People only have the “liberal” view that we’re all in this together, provided the “we” is a monoracial group.
  • Other presidential candidates, both Democratic and Republican, have used dog-whistling to lure white voters, but only Reagan actually followed through with his rhetoric which in turn gave such behavior mainstream acceptance.
  • Liberal politicians have not helped their own cause by failing to call social security and medicare a form of welfare.  Yes, you pay in the system, but you get a hell of lot more out of it than you put in it.  Don’t let those yearly statements from the Office of Social Security fool you.

In America, with the way things are, it makes total sense.  I mean, how else can you explain working and middle class white people voting for people that argue against subsidies for the poor, worker’s right, consumer protection, etc?  These ideas have been wedded to communism, integration, people of color, and everything else that is the antithesis of a Christian, white America.  

Look at this Vanguard documentary from 2011 entitled “Two Americas.”  The poorer family is struggling like a mug, yet they are sitting at home watching the Republican Presidential debates agreeing with every point that’s just going to prolong their misery.  No one is saying sit at home with your hand open, but sometimes, people do need help.  What’s so wrong with accepting help, be it from charity or the government, until you get on your feet again?  The American banking industry went to Uncle Sam with fancy hat in hand to ask for a bailout (welfare!!!!) for their own stupidity without a drop of shame.  Yet, your dumb ass is sitting at home starving/struggling and living out some Horatio Alger nonsense just so you can sit and say that I’m not like those (black, brown, yellow, red) people asking the government for help.  That’s a damn shame.

Barnes and Noble: “Dog Whistle Politics:  How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class”


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