Real Music Thursday: Billy Paul

Hello Readers,

Today’s Real Music Thursday song is Me & Mrs. Jones by Billy Paul.  This song started playing on my Pandora station this afternoon and I almost started singing it out loud.  I need my own office so I can sing off-key in peace.

What really strikes me about this song is how tastefully and soulfully Billy Paul manages to sing about such a distasteful act: adultery.  As of late, most “singers” put it all out in their songs without an ounce of decorum.  Not that I’m a super music snob.   Plies’ “Ms Pretty Pussy” will forever be my ratchet jam, but modest…it is not.




Real Music Thursday: Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Hello Readers,

One of my friends reminded me that I should get this blog post out.   Today, I showcase a song from one of the greatest duet partners, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.  It’s like their voices were made specifically to sing with each other.  I cannot imagine either one of them having a duet with someone else.  It would just seem wrong.

The song is called “If This World Were Mine.”  Motown had great studio musicians, The Funk Brothers, that played the instruments on most of their tracks, but I’ve found an acapella version so you can really hear how wonderful Marvin and Tammi’s voices really were.







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Real Music Thursday: Bobby Caldwell

Hello Readers,

I’ve been so busy at work that I forgot that I had a life and a blog.  I worked for 8 hours today and then came and worked for 4 more hours.  Boo!!!

Without further delay, today’s Real Music Thursday is a nice tune from Bobby Caldwell.  Most people know his song “What You Wont Do For Love,”  but he has some other good jazzy type songs like “Open Your Eyes.”  If the beat/lyrics sounds familiar, Common sampled it for his song “The Light.”



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Real Music Thursday: Stevie Wonder

Hello Readers,

Today’s Real Music Thursday comes from a friend who was just talking about how much she loves this song by the great Stevie Wonder.  I had just been thinking about how I wish grown men still ran R&B. John Legend and Anthony Hamilton are great singers and don’t get nearly the recognition that they deserve.

I’m shocked that I hadn’t heard of this song.  It’s called “Think of Me as Your Soldier.”  There is such a beautiful sentiment behind this song.

Real Music Thursday: Sade

To quote Bender from Futurama “I’m back, baby!”  I have really been slacking on making posts in this category.  I shall try to rectify that in the coming months.

So today’s Real Music Thursday comes from my favorite singer, Sade.  She and her band have been active on the music scene since 1983.   This song is called Pearls and it is on the 1992 album Love Deluxe.

I didn’t get this song when I was younger.  I thought it was hauntingly beautiful, but it took becoming an adult to appreciate it.   Sade juxtaposes the desolation of Somalian woman scraping pearls of grain on the roadside in the blazing sun with her Western gaze of lying in the sun for relaxation.   She cannot even comprehend the pain of it and can only compare it the pain of brand new shoes.

Real Music Thursday: Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween!!!!  This is my kind of my first big holiday in my house.  I just had my first Trick-or-Treaters. They were so little and cute.  It was two pairs of toddler twins.

Because of the shutdown, we didn’t have a holiday party at work.  So I didn’t get to dress up. Sigh!  Next Year.  Halloween 2014 falls on a Friday.  It’s going to be awesome!

Now on to the music.   Halloween isn’t really one of those holidays with music.  Yes, you have Thriller and Monster Mash, but that’s about it.

So in honor of the holiday, I give you three version of the same song: I Put A Spell On You.   The original was made in 1956 by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Nina Simone and Creedence Clearwater Revival have famous remakes.  I oddly have all three in my music collection because they are all great in their own way.  The original is hilarious.  Nina’s version is so passionate and CCR’s version has that kick ass guitar solo in the middle.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!  Also, Happy Birthday to my pals, Jennifer and Adam.  Crazy Halloween Babies!

Real Music Thursday: Dorothy Moore

I’m tired.  So very tired.   After over two weeks of going to bed and waking up whenever, worrying about my career and everything else, I’ve been thrust back to being on schedule. No me gusta.

I’ve been yawning nonstop.   So I’m winding down listen to soft music.   Which leads us to today’s Real Music Thursday: Misty Blue by Dorothy Moore.   Her voice is so smooth!  It just puts you at ease.

Real Music Thursday: DMX

Mocha Pikachu is having the damnedest time lately.   It’s a stressful time at the office and I feel incredibly overwhelmed and underappreciated.  I look calm on the outside, but inside…SERENITY NOW!

So today’s Real Music Thursday is about the man that makes music to let you get the stress out: DMX.  Darkman X.  Earl!

Almost any of his songs will do, but Party Up! is the one that gets me going.   Don’t be fooled by the jolliness of the name.  Party Up! has some hard ass lyrics.  Just look at the chorus:

Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind up in HERE, up in here
Y’all gon’ make me go all out up in here, up in here
Y’all gon’ make me act a FOOL up in HERE, up in here
Y’all gon’ make me lose my cool up in here, up in here

I defy you to not blast this song and while running around the house acting like you’re on stage at concert.

I’ve played this song twice today.  I feel better already.  Enjoy and SERENITY NOW!

Real Music Thursday: Michael Jackson

Today’s Real Music Thursday is in honor of the late, great, King of Pop Michael Jackson.   He would have been 55 today.  Michael was the very definition of a tortured artist.   He just needed good people around here that weren’t afraid to say no to him or call him out on his foolishness.  No matter his faults, the man is a legend.  There will never, ever be another Michael Jackson.  No one will ever come close to matching his culture impact.  Everyone else is just a pretender to the throne.

Now comes the hard part.  How on Earth does one pick a favorite Michael Jackson song?  It’s difficult because the man’s discography is impressive as all get out.

So I’ll just pick one of his songs that I really love and I will listen to every single time it comes on the radio or my iPod.  It’s Billie Jean from the epic Thriller album.

Now how old were you when you realized that this song was about a woman trying to bring a paternity suit against Michael?

Real Music Thursday

Today’s Real Music Thursday entry is U2’s Stay (Faraway, So Close).   This is from the 1993 Zooropa album and also Wim Wenders’ movie also called Faraway, So Close; a sequel to the cult classic Wings of Desire. Both movies are about angels watch over humanity.

I didn’t really get into U2 until I was college and even back then, I preferred their older songs much more than the newer ones.

It’s hard to believe that song is 20 years and that it wasn’t much of hit in the US.   I love the imagery of a desolate soul and the angel that must quietly watch over this soul.

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