Real Talk, You need to be voting

Okay, VA and MD democrats.  We’re about to have a “come to Jesus” meeting.  Please explain why Senator Warner is fighting hard for his US senate seat and Anthony Brown is not the Governor of MD.
“I was too busy to vote.”  “I forgot that it was election day.” “I thought so-and-so had the win on lock.”
You lazy trollops.  Do you know what republicans do come hell or high water?  They vote.  In primaries, in general elections, and presidential elections; they vote.
What do some of y’all do?  Continue to vote in presidential elections only.  I’ve said this to people so many times: The president is not a one-man band.   Congress, the Supreme Court, and the President make up three coequal branches of government with separate powers and checks and balances.
Congress has the power of the purse and therefore a lot more control over your daily life than any president ever will.  Republicans know this and vote accordingly.  Democrats seem blind to this fact and decide to stay home because “the president isn’t doing what I want.”
Even worse, I see talking heads like Tavis Smiley telling black voters to stay home because the president has done nothing for black people.  He knows good damn and well the history of American voting rights and that is what he tells people.  What is his purpose?
And that leads me to what is truly upsetting me.  The right to vote is precarious.  It can be taken away.  I don’t care who you vote for, but vote dammit.
It used to be that only the wealthy, landed male gentry could vote throughout the ages.  Do not think for one minute that some people don’t want to return to those days.
Non-white men got the right in 1870 and women only got the right in 1920.  That’s only a few generations ago.  America still had to pass the Voting Rights Act in 1965 to stop backwards bumpkin states from disenfranchising voters.  That was only 49 years ago.  That is nothing on the grand scale of human civilization.
People have fought and died for the right to have a voice in their government and every election I see people squander their opportunity to vote as if every citizen voting has always existed.
I implore you.  Check out the history of suffrage. Check out your candidates.  Look at their voting records, read news articles about them for multiple sources.  Stop sitting there wasting your hard-earned right to vote.
Because if I end up in some The Handmaid’s Tale or 1984 type of dystopia, I’m busting your non-voting ass before they drag me away for being a dissident.

The Cubicle Farm is a Battlefield: The Introvert and the TBMs

Why oh why, do Americans have to spend so much time in the workplace?  We’re one of the hardest working countries in the Developed World and we receive and use the least amount of vacation days.

In my last post about office life, I lamented about the loss of physical and personal boundaries and the energy vampires, Overly familiar Fred and Habitual line-stepper Harriet, that roam the cubicle farm looking for fresh introverts to feed off.  Once you spot the energy vampires, you can pretty much come up with a plan to avoid them or severely limit contact.

However, there is much more sinister creature out there in the cubicle farmlands of America: That Bitch Molly.   TBMs just come to work to make life miserable for people.  Nothing you will do or say will ever be right in a TBM’s eyes because their hostility amps are always on 11.  They approach every single situation as if you are their mortal enemy and you must be destroyed.  I’ve found the majority of the time, TBMs zero in and mistreat people to demonstrate their power and/or feel better about their own insecurities.

TBM: Peter, what time is it?
Peter: It’s noon.
TBM: <looks down and double checks his/her watch> Actually, it’s 12:01 and 48 seconds.  <walks off in a huff and proceeds to tell the whole office how Peter purposely gave him/her the wrong time>

TBMs would annoying to any damn body, but they are soul-crushing to introverts. TBMs carry so much negative energy and they try damnedest to transfer that negativity on to you.  As introverts, we are very empathetic such that we can’t help but to take TBMs’ foolywang personally and start internalizing their malicious vibes.

It defies logic for someone to behave in such a manner.  Why would you come to work, or any place else for that matter, and be such a bitch for no damn reason? INFPs, INTPs, and INFJs are more sensitive to this behavior.  All of my friends that fall under these personality groups have really been catching hell this month from TBMs in their offices.

At my last job, I actually let TBMs get to me the point where I was complaining every day to my friends and having panic attacks.  Now I’m like:

But seriously, if TBMs are your colleagues, tell them to calm their tits.  If the TBMs are in management, now you have problems.  You can only adjust your personality, bite your tongue, and chafe under managerial TBMs for so long.  If you find yourself thinking how wonderful it would be if your TBM fell and broke a leg; it’s time to move on.










What the hell, Virginia?: 2013 Gubernatorial Race

My fellow Virginians, real talk, where in the blue hell do the Democrats and the Republicans find their candidates?

In the Blue (D) corner, we have Terry McAuliffe.  This is his second attempt to claim Virginia’s top job. He has an endorsement from Senator Mark Warner; who was Virginia’s last decent governor. He’s never held office but he was the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He’s a Clintonite and that’s problematic for me.  Currently, he is leading in the polls, but he should have a victory and a concession speech written.

In the Red (R) corner, we have Ken “the Cooch” Cuccinelli.  He’s our current Attorney General. For all of his small government talk, he’s ultra-conservative on social issues and not afraid to push legislature that supports his worldview.  Plus, his running mate has to be certifiable. All of that takes away from a man whom appears to least have the potential to be a half-way decent administrator.

Virginia governor’s race: Where they stand on the issues.

So are the big “two” choices if you will.  Neither of them are doing it for me.

Economically, they both seem the same to me.  To even have a chance in Virginia, you’d had damn well better be business-friendly.  The Virginia business lobbies are not a game.  Also both seem long on ideas and short on details.  For a state race, I need to see PowerPoint presentations and concrete data when you have that much money backing you.

They’ve both have horrible, negative ads. I’m so sick of politicians telling me what their opponents can’t do instead of telling me what they can do.   They just had a debate and Cuccinelli was arrogant and McAuliffe was smarmy.

Socially, Terry is your standard liberal.  He’s very equal rights for minorities, women, and LGBT communities.  Ken is ultra-conservative and some of his ideals seem rooted in a quaint 1940s motif rather than the 2000s reality.

Ethically, to quote the great Clay Davis “I’ll take any motherfucker’s money if he givin’ it away.”  Both are slimier than snail shit.

Seriously?  This is the best that the two largest political parties has to offer the Virginia citizenry.  We’re the birthplace of Presidents, dammit.  Why can’t y’all find some decent damn people to run for office? I wouldn’t trust most of the candidates that they find to run a pie shop, let alone the whole damn state.  McAuliffe just got buck with a lobby group because they didn’t endorse him.  I have a terrible feeling that if he could get away with it, Cuccinelli would have a state funded Stasi checking to make sure that straight couples had missionary only sex.

I’m so tired of voting for the lesser of two evils.  I want to see viable candidates out there.  Right now, when I vote, I think to myself “whose fuck-ups will do the least amount of damage while in office?”  What kind of political life is that?

And once again, the Powers that Be ignore or exclude Third Party Candidates.  Last year, Larry King on MHz Networks did a Third Party Presidential Debate.   While writing this rant, I saw that there is a Libertarian Candidate named Robert Sarvis running and he’s getting no shine except from dedicated followers and Independents. I’ll check him out and see what he’s talking about.

Man remakes R. Kelly’s Bump N’Grind into a gospel song

Most people don’t know that wrongness is much like Dante’s vision of Hell.  There are multiple levels in the descent of wrongness; each level more wrong and messed up than the level above it.

And that brings us to the topic of today’s post.  Apparently there is some type of gospel show called “Atlanta Live.”  On this particular broadcast, one very misguided singer took creativity to 11th level of wrongness.  He remade R. Kelly’s very sexualized song into a song about praising Jesus.  Watch below and try not to drink anything or chant “The power of Christ compels you” while throwing holy water on your screens.   Mocha Pikachu will not sending be sending any money to y’all to fix liquid damaged monitors.

This is all kinds of wrong!!!!  What the hell was he thinking?  Does he have no one in his life that could have told him “You know…I don’t think this is a good idea?”   He needs more people!!  I don’t even go to church and I’m offended.   The music alone sounds hypersexualized.  I don’t care what lyrics you slap over it.

Let’s examination the ramifications of a world where any song, no matter how secular, could become a gospel song.

Will NWA’s “Fuck the Police” become “To hell with the Moneychangers?”  Will Dru Hill’s “I should be your boyfriend” turn into “I should be your savior?”

Even worse, what happens when children hear the real version of these songs after they’ve been signing them in church.  Their young minds are going to be blown.

“He can reform and redeem the Pimp!” I can’t.

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