Foreo Luna Mini sonic face brush review

Hello Readers,

A lot of craziness has been going on and once again I’m behind on my blog posts. So let’s get into review.

Foreo Luna Mini

Price: $99, other models range up to $199.  I believe all models are currently on sale for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Where to buy: Foreo website, Sephora, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s

Skin type: This model is recommended for all skin types, other models are geared toward specific skin types.  I have combination skin with occasional eczema flare ups.

I bought the Foreo Luna Mini in late December 2015 and I’ve been using it daily.   As you can see from the pictures, the brush has a half clam shell design and is covered with different sized silicone touchpoint nubs that gently pulsate to cleanse the face.  This model has two intensities depending on your skin needs and gives a subtle beep indicating when you should move the device to a different part of your face and a double beep when one minute has passed.  The cleansing time is one minute but you could use it for longer.  You can apply a cleanser to your face or directly to the brush itself.  It is really a simple, effective product to use.

Other highlights:

  • It’s cost effective. My old Clarisonic face brush required an additional $100/year minimum investment due to the fact that you have to change the face brushes every few months.  With proper care, this brush should last several years.
  • It’s more hygienic.  The body-safe silicone nubs are easily to clean and won’t harbor bacteria like a standard nylon brush, washcloth, muslin cloth, etc.
  • Amazing battery life.  I’ve charged the brush twice since I’ve bought it: the initial charge and a recharge in late June.

I would say within about two to three weeks, I noticed an improvement in my skin.  Even other people started to notice that my skin looked clearer and more vibrant.  I really love this brush.  I love that my face is getting a deep cleanse minus the abrasiveness.





Skin Care Challenge Update: Products I will no longer use

Hello Readers,

The main objective of the Skin Care Challenge that started in December was to create and maintain a skin care routine because we’re adults who should have a routine, we live in a polluted area, and we have occasionally stressful lives.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have eczema and acne-prone, combination skin.  A product that is great for my acne might cause an eczema flare-up and vice versa. At the start of the challenge, my skin was just static. A major step in the challenge was getting rid of products that do not work. I read a ton of dermatologists websites, looked at other blogs, and read information on Paula’s Choice/Beautypedia to find information on skin care ingredients.

So to clean up my routine, I’m no longer using any product with a bunch of essential oils and/or fragrance. Due to my eczema, my dermatologist had me switch to fragrance-free laundry detergent and dryer sheets a long time ago.  I don’t know why it never dawned on me to do the same for skin care.  So any product that I had from Clarins is out.  In the recycling bin, it went. Philosophy Purity Cleanser is also out.  I have a lot leftover and it will be used as makeup brush cleanser.  It has too many essential oils.

Also, I stopped using soap bars like Cetaphil or Dove on my face.  They are fine for body cleansers, but the fat content in the bars can be an issue for acne-prone skin.

Tis all for now!








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