Closing Time, Part 3

Mocha Pikachu is officially a homeowner!  I closed yesterday and I meant to update the blog, but after going to closing, moving items to the house, and other errands; I passed out on the sofa.

It’s an interesting feeling.   It still feels unreal except for that bounty that I spent at Home Depot yesterday.

I cleaned the bathrooms and the kitchen, so I’m just sitting here with while the handyman goes through and install blinds and curtain rods and other items.  I watched him put up a set of blinds and I knew deep in my soul that I would have jacked that process to hell.   I know my limitations.  Now if you want some homemade cakes, cookies, or pies, I’m your girl.

Verizon was here and I have “innanets” and TV again like grown-ups.   Die Hard is on!!!!   Yippee-ki-yay, motherfuckers!!!

There’s one more trip to Home Depot and then I have to go back to the apartment and pack up the remaining items.  The big move is tomorrow and then I shall finally be moved in.

Now who is coming over to help unpack?


Closing Time, Part 2

“This is the fun move.  This is home.”  ~ Paul, one of my friends.

So closing is only a few days away.    So now comes the most time consuming part: moving.  I’m lucky in that I’m moving to much a larger place than my apartment and I’m a minimalist.

Yesterday, I went to the manliest of places: Home Depot.  I picked out blinds and drooled over the fancy washer and dryers which I don’t need.   Why don’t stacked washer/dryers come in fancy shiny colors? Anyway, I was mostly there for packing supplies and if I really buckle down I should have just about everything packed by tomorrow.

Now I just have to change my address with banks and websites and such.  Boo!   Pick a home warranty company and book the U-Haul truck.

Well back to Netflix, Chinese food, and packing!

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