Project Pika: New Office

Another weekend, another home improvement project!  It’s hard to believe that I’ve almost been in my house for a year.

A month ago, I took on my first home improvement project by doing something about that ghastly front garden.

Last weekend, I fixed up my office.  It’s the smallest bedroom in the house and it looked rather shabby. All I had in it where some Container Store drawers and a folding table for a desk.   Just sad all around.


I decided to paint and fix the room up.  My bedroom has already been painted by the handyman last year, but the rest of the bedrooms remain plain cream white.  So Friday, I picked out my paint using an app on Sherwin Williams website: Delicious Melon, which despite what my simple cousin says does not sound like the name of a fat stripper.

On Saturday, I went to the store to buy the paint and supplies.  Why was I there for an hour?  It wasn’t the fault of the employees but two other customers that decided that needed 50-11 paint samples because they couldn’t make up their damn minds.  Look people!  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  I despise indecisiveness; especially when it holds up my progress.

I came home and prepped the room and then I began my painting journey. It wasn’t that difficult, just a tad messy.  I remembered what the handyman did and I watched some YouTube videos on painting and I think that I did a decent job.  My friend Kara came by later that day and she said it looked well done.

Now on to Sunday.  Oh, Sunday.   I go to Ikea to buy the desk and shelving unit that I picked out a week previously.  OMG.  One would think Ikea was giving free furniture and meatballs away.   It took forever to turn into the parking garage and then to find a parking space.

It was so crowded inside the store.   They weren’t giving away free meatballs, but a lot of furniture items were on sale.   I took more pictures of items for my next project and then made my way to self-service to grab my items.

Why do I always forgot that Ikea furniture is actually heavy?  Some chap took pity on me and helped me to load the heavy desk package into my car.   When I got home, I had to open the desk package to bring it into the house piece by piece.

After several hours, I had a new desk and shelving unit built, new hemmed curtains, and a viable office space.


Over the new few days, I’ll start organizing and moving documents out of the living and dining rooms and into their proper place.

I’m slowly pulling it all together.  Now to plan the improvement of the guest room.



One year blogging anniversary and Gardening!

Hello Readers,

Today is my blog’s one year anniversary!   I honestly forgot all about it until WordPress sent a notification to my phone.  Thanks for reading and continuing to support my blog.  Happy Fourth of July!

Now on to today’s post.   Today, I gardened for the first time.   Yes, I cut the grass and pull the occasional pesky weed, but today, I actually gardened.  I’ve been wanting to refresh the front yard for a while and today was the perfect day to do it.  Sunny, but low humidity.

First, I measured the outside garden area and then made a list of everything that I needed.  I drove to Home Depot and then returned to get started.

I pulled up that desert dry mulch and found that the foolish woman that rented this house before I bought it used trash bags, yes trash bags, instead of weed block in the garden.  Those trash bags smelled rancid.  Then, I pulled up those ugly shrubs that she planted and cleaned up the general area.

Putting the weed block and spreading the soil was easy.    I still had to go back to the Home Depot for more soil because I wanted to make the flower bed higher.

I scraped the yard a bit and then put down some grass seed and turf builder.   That heat wave from last week destroyed my grass.

I only ran into two minor setbacks.  I saw a tiny snake and freaked out and hit with a shovel…repeatedly.   And then I found a small wasp nest in my water hose hanger.   I bleached the bastards and destroyed the nest.  I’m pretty sure my next door neighbor was wondering why I all of sudden was covered from head to toe.   I was destroying a nest and I wasn’t taking any chances that they might attack me.  Die, die, die, you little bastards.  I don’t like creepy crawlies.  I managed to do all of this without screaming like a banshee.  So I’m proud of me.





So it has been over a week

Normally, I would be in bed around this time but Vince Gilligan has my blood pressure up with the latest episode of Breaking Bad.  Plus my damaged Eustachian tube is making my ear hurt, so I’m waiting for this Sudafed to work.

So I’ve been in the house for about 8 days now.  It is feeling less weird everyday.  My bedroom and the kitchen are unpacked and I’m slowly getting the rest in order.  I turned the keys into my old apartment and don’t even get me started on the management and how they botched that process.  I still need to buy furniture, but I’m waiting for sales and trying to determine what looks nice.  I’ve been told by various folks that I need a bigger TV, but that can wait.

It’s amazing how your mind can make the change from from one state of being into another state.   I’ve gone from a renter mindset to an owner mindset.  I find myself watching the Home & Garden network…a lot.  I now know what a backsplash is and terms like wainscoting.  I bought a trimmer today at Home Depot and cut my little spot of grass.   I think this week that I will make a spreadsheet of ongoing projects that I want to do around the house.

I really just want to take care of my little property and make it truly my own.

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