Closing Time, Part 1

“Closing Time!  Open all of the doors and let you out into the world…”

Okay, so I’m writing about a different closing time, but at least now, you’ll have this song stuck in your head.

I have received my closing date.  So, I now have less than 2 weeks to pack and move.   Craziness.

While packing is a pain, it shouldn’t be too bad.  I have so much stuff in Container Store organizers, I really only have to worry about packing up odds and ends.

I want to make some minor cosmetic changes to the townhouse, but that can wait.  I need to focus on moving in and getting settled.  I just have to reel in my wish to have everything that I want to be done all at once.

It’s been an interesting summer.   I cut back on everything just to make sure that I would have extra money for any last minute expenses.  Side note: I miss you, Nordstrom!!!!  I turned down concerts, Happy Hours, and cruises and everything else just to make homeownership a reality.  I’ll be glad when everything is finished.

Back to packing.


I crashed

There’s just been so much craziness going on with looking for a house.  I found a house.  The lender approved my loan and then it turns out the seller and her listing agent were unreasonable and shady as hell.  They would keep sending over unsigned paperwork for the addenda that were agreed upon in the contract.  When the listing agent wasn’t ignoring my agent, he was cursing and screaming at him over the phone.

So I told my realtor to get a release from the contract.  I’m just out of the money that I spent on an inspection and an appraisal.  He was actually surprised that I responded with little emotion because according to him, people tend to get overly emotional and attached to their potential first home.

I did the most logical thing that I could which was to tell that listing agent to take that house and shove it.  Of course, that move put me right back at square one within a housing market that’s becoming astonishingly more cutthroat by the day.

I looked at about 6 or 7 more houses and I finally put a bid on it this past Wednesday.  There were already 2 other offers on the house.  Two days pass by and still no word.  Finally, as I’m leaving work on Friday, I hear the good news that my offer was accepted.  I believe that my agent really hit upon the facts that my earnest money deposit was already in hand and that I had a lender ready to go.

On Saturday, my body just crashed.  I slept most of the day.  That knot in my neck went away and my shoulders lost that tenseness that they had acquired over the past 2 weeks.

Dealing with idiots definitely takes a toll on me, but really all of this uncertainty with finding a place reminded me of all of the constant moving or living with relatives that I had to endure as a child.  I attended 5 elementary schools and 2 middle schools.  Plus after we finally settled, my mother was always quick to say “this is my house.”  My aunt was the same way when I lived with her after college.

To this very day, I do not refer as going to my mother’s house as “going home.”

I am very much looking forward to the day when I can finally say that some place is “my home.”

House Hunting Update: Possibly goods news.


I didn’t get that townhouse that I bid on, but more have come on the market.  I saw another nice place and put a bid on it.   The owner accepted, so wish me luck.  We’re still at that stage where anything could happen.

For the love of God and all that is holy, please wish me luck.   My ratchet ass neighbors are fighting as I type this update.  I need to move.  

In this area, reasonably priced condos and townhouses do not stay on the market.   I looked at this current place at 8pm on a weekday about a day or so after it came on the market just to get a head-start on other buyers.   Craziness.



An absolute travesty…house hunting

First, Happy Saturday Dear Readers.

Now on to the rant.   After much consideration, I have decided to buy a home.  So today was the first real time that I could look at homes in person with the realtor.   I picked out 4 places based on pictures from the website.   Let’s just say that picture lighting and angles are everything, because some of these places were the epitome of fuckery.   I could see even the realtor was silently screaming “what the hell?”

What is wrong with people?  If you are trying to sell your home:

  1. Clean the damn house and the yards.  Some fool left behind TV’s and trash cans.  Who does that?  Might I add that scented plug-ins are always a nice touch.
  2. For the love of God, paint!  You may love baby-shit green and 1972 El Dorado orange, but the rest of the public might not.   It was difficult for me to visualize what I could do with a room when the color kept distracting me.
  3. Be honest.  Some buyers like myself understand that some minor work may need to be done and we accept that.  I walked in one place today and knew immediately that the porch needed work.  No biggie.  However, I found several soft spots in the kitchen floor.   Red alert!  A new floor is not minor work.
  4. Be realistic.  Now this relates back to number 3.  No amount of good location can make-up for shoddy up-keeping.   Stop trying to sell a house for the market rate when you know that the amount of repairs needed are severely hurting the value of the property.  One place could have knocked $50k off the price and it still would not have been worth it.

Now despite some duds, I did see a place that I liked.  It is perfect?  Absolutely not, but it met enough of my criteria that I’m seriously thinking about making a bid.

Also, if there any homeowners that are landlords reading this rant:  Please, please check on your property regularly.  I saw a home that was trashed because the landlord felt that after a few check-ins, the tenant was trustworthy.   That tenant must have caused at least $25k worth of damage to the home.


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